Thing happen all the time here and it is quite hard to keep up with eveything but I'm doing my best. So we also had a consert with the marching band so that the people who have not been to any og the football games also could here th song we know. After that I went to Panera with some friends and it was so selicious. PAnera is like a fast food place but the serve soups, bread and stuff ike that. Luckily it is pretty cheap as well! I'vebeen to the movies a few times to and I saw Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day, Big hero 6 and the new Hunger games movie.
At last but not least, I GOT A NEW HOST COUSIN. Megan's sister Karen finally got her baby and he's called Michael Junior or baby Michael an he is adorable. Also Megan went to Peru with Aspect so whilst she aws gone Sean was home and took care of us.
Presenter jag fick från Megan när hon kom hem från Peru.
Det här blev jättekonstigt, jag vet inte varför jag skrev på engelska och sen blev det lite svenska på slutet. I hope everything makes sense...

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